Will your brand use ads?

Why use seo advertorials?

Due to the fact that print media sites are considered authoritative by search engines and have high levels of traffic, the links on these sites have been seen as a holy grail of linkbuilding. Publishers, in turn, began to recognize these benefits and gave advertisers an effective way to cost their sites in a controlled manner. So it’s a good reason to use seo advertorials , don’t you think?

This really depends on the nature and purpose of the campaign. If the goal of your campaign is to drive traffic to your site and increase awareness of your product and service, with SEO being a secondary element, then ads could be part of your marketing mix. The key question is where seo advertorials will appear on the site. If these seo advertorials are buried deep enough in an obscure section of the site, the chances of many visitors discovering these seo advertorials decrease considerably. Alternatively, if you are happy to pay for a more prominent position on the site, then your chances of success are higher.

If one of your goals is to increase SEO visibility, then the answer is more likely to be a negative one. As Google points out in their blog post, any paid links in seo advertorials should really use the rel = “nofollow” attribute.

Shouldn’t I just invest in PR and Social Media?

If one of your main goals is also to increase the visibility of SEO and online social traction online PR done in the right way can be very emotional. From an SEO and Social Media perspective any links or quotes you receive would be earned so that your site will receive their benefit.

However, this approach requires more planning and effort to develop truly recognized stories. You also need to invest time in developing relationships and marketing your stories through social media.